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Just in case you don't know who in the hell I am talking about
	Can you believe this?	This is my human, Lanna. She is a good cuddler and stuff, but I cannot remember the last time she cleaned out my necessary box.
	I mean, really!	This is my human Edmund. I don't think I would get fed if it weren't for Edmund.

This Human Lanna's mother Dottie.

I like her. She feeds me and pets me when my humans go out of town.

This is Human Lanna's father Walter. He's alright. If you like guys who say they don't like cats. Since I am a cat, I don't like guys who don't like cats.

So there.

Dottie & Walter

Lanna's Parents are pretty weird.

Just Saying.

Bill Maheux

This is Human Lanna's brother Bill. He's scary.

I hear he likes to tease cats.

Just look at that mischevious look in his face.


Robert and Melinda

These are Human Edmund's brother-in-law Robert and sister Melinda.

I love them, they give me stuff!

New York Cast - 2003-2004

	At least he looks normal.	New York - 2003 to 2004: This is Patrick. He lives in the same apartment as my humans. Would that make him a roommate? Well, he feeds me when my humans (Edmund) aren't around.
	Twins?	New York - 2003 to 2004: This is Trance. We look a lot a like, but I swear, we are not related.
	Best Friends	New York - 2003 to 2004: Notice how similar we look. Quite the pair!!
	Sneaky, tricksy kitty	New York - 2003 to 2004: Here is Trance alone again.
	The French Guy	New York - 2003 to 2004: So, we live in this Railroad Apartment, and this is another roommate, Simon. My humans did not remember his name for a while, so they were calling him The French Guy. Because he is from France.







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