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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Hey, I'm back. I just want you to know that I have settled in here pretty well. Sure my Humans are insane, but they do bring me food and clean out my necessary box (aka litter box). Especially that "Edmund" Human.

You know, the first thing they did when they brought me home was to "name" me. Why? I already had a name, and it suited me fine. Yes, it was a cat name. And maybe they could not pronounce it or spell it, but at least they could have asked. But they didn't. So they named me Hunter S. Thompson, because the "Lanna" human was reading this book "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". Then the "Edmund" Human suggested that my middle name be "Socks". SIGH

I have since learned to embrace my name, and I use it. But I have heard that some cats are named things like "Blackie" or "Soot". *Shudder* Not very distinguished. Hunter "Socks" Thompson however, is classy. But it's the principle of it all, isn't it? Those Humans, give 'em an inch, and they will take a mile!

Oh, and I have also named my humans. Let's meet them again:
This is the Human "Edmund". I now call him TallFoot. Or "Edmund" Or "Eds"
This is the Human "Lanna". She is now dubbed: Huggy or "LL" or "Lanna". I wish she would stop choking me...

Oh great, here they come again. Look, kids, I have to go. Hope to talk to you tomorrow. Look, if someone distracts them, I will have plenty of time to post.


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