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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Okay, the humans left me for a few days. Apparently it was Thanksgiving, and kitties are not invited!


I had fun though. I just spent the last couple of days with Trance and Patrick. It was a vacation for me, lots of fun:

Now I have to get used to the humans again.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003


I really want to go out into the hallway today! Did I tell you that I caught a mouse today? I caught a mouse today! Unfortunately the Human "Lanna" had the digital camera with her, so I have no picture proof, but the "Edmund" human took some pictures on a regular camera. They should get the film developed around 2006, and I will post the picture then!

Who's da cat? I'm da cat!

Monday, November 24, 2003

You know what really pisses me off. When my humans don't let me out!

My favorite thing is to run down the hallway with Trance, we are great buddies you know, and I love hanging out in Patrick's room. With both Patrick and Trance.

This morning, I woke my humans up at 6:30. Again! Someday they will learn!

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Quite frankly, I admit, I have a pretty good life. My humans are mostly attentive, although sometimes I have to keep reminding them to pay attention to me, and I am fed fairly regularly.

I also have a friend. One who is not a human. As I have said, my humans live in a railroad apartment. What is a railroad apartment you might ask? Well, Barleby's says it's

Railroad Apartment NOUN: An apartment in which the rooms are connected in a line.

There are seven doors in the hallway (for our purposes hallway=line) one doorway is for the bathroom, one for the kitchen and the rest are for the other rooms or bedrooms. My humans have the last door, and their space is split into two rooms, one room is where the computer is, and the other is where the bed is. They have a "french door" in between. My first couple of weeks in the new place, I did not want to go back out into the hallway. I was too scared. But, every once in a while I would hear this sound. It sounded like another cat! Lisa, the woman who rescued me from the fire escape had rescued another stray cat, and she also had her own cats. Her place was full of cats! And, when I moved to this new place with my humans, I thought that all the other cats on the planet had dissapeared. But I was wrong!

His name is Trance--and now he is my best friend! When I first wake up in the morning, I run out of the room, and go down the hall to Trance's room, where he lives with his human, Patrick. Patrick is kind of like my uncle.

I love to play. Sometimes I play with Trance, sometimes I dont:

The first picutre is really Me and Trance. Notice the two tails. It doesn't look like I am winning, but don't worry I get my licks in! The next two are me, just being my cute self.

I wish that Trance would stay away from my necessary box, tho!

Thursday, November 20, 2003

I like to smell things.

I smell my food, my humans, my necessary box. I smell everything.

I just like to smell things. Look, my female human has been hogging the computer a lot, I will post more over the next couple of days. I did find time to borrow her credit card and pay for this wonderful new url It was hard, mainly because of my lack of opposable thumbs, but I did it!

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Hey, I'm back. I just want you to know that I have settled in here pretty well. Sure my Humans are insane, but they do bring me food and clean out my necessary box (aka litter box). Especially that "Edmund" Human.

You know, the first thing they did when they brought me home was to "name" me. Why? I already had a name, and it suited me fine. Yes, it was a cat name. And maybe they could not pronounce it or spell it, but at least they could have asked. But they didn't. So they named me Hunter S. Thompson, because the "Lanna" human was reading this book "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". Then the "Edmund" Human suggested that my middle name be "Socks". SIGH

I have since learned to embrace my name, and I use it. But I have heard that some cats are named things like "Blackie" or "Soot". *Shudder* Not very distinguished. Hunter "Socks" Thompson however, is classy. But it's the principle of it all, isn't it? Those Humans, give 'em an inch, and they will take a mile!

Oh, and I have also named my humans. Let's meet them again:
This is the Human "Edmund". I now call him TallFoot. Or "Edmund" Or "Eds"
This is the Human "Lanna". She is now dubbed: Huggy or "LL" or "Lanna". I wish she would stop choking me...

Oh great, here they come again. Look, kids, I have to go. Hope to talk to you tomorrow. Look, if someone distracts them, I will have plenty of time to post.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Hi. I'm Hunter "Socks" Thompson. I am a cat. You can see me pictured to the right.

Now I am four months old, but I have been around. I was born on a fire escape. My mother was a single cat, and she had no where else to go. My family (my mom, brother and sister) and I were rescued by a nice human named Lisa, who brought us into her tiny apartment.

Then I was stolen away.

One minute I am hanging with my bro, and the next these strange humans are taking me away to "their" house. Funny, but we didn't even leave the building. They took me in this huge box that seemed to go up, and then into their apartment. I got away when they got to the door to their bedroom, and I ran down the hallway (I found out later that it was so long because the new humans live in a "railroad apartment") and tried to get back out the front door.

Look what I am dealing with:


The one on the left is the female "Lanna" the one on the right is the male "Edmund."

Oh, the humans are coming, they don't know that I am doing this, I'll have to hide. Don't worry, I will tell you more later.




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