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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The outdoors


As I look at strange humans from my perch at the window, all I can say is thank you that I do not have to go to the great outdoors.

It doesn't look so great to me.

A lot of these humans apparently don't have fur. So they have to put on some of their own fur or extra fur. Sometimes it's a fur coat. Sometimes it's not.

Even my humans put on some non-fur clothing. Human Lanna wears a black shiny coat, which has seen better days. The Edmund Human wears a huge, ginormous parka. Lanna Human wears purple things on her hands.

Sure, I have fur, but what about that white stuff?

They call it snow.

Now, I've heard that snow burns your skin. Even if you have fur.

I used to see this orange-colored cat all the time in the summer. Where is he now? Did he find a nice warm place, or did he burn away.

No, Thank you. Not for me.

I am content to sit here in this window.

And look out.


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